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The Rock Star God Forgot details revealed

Oct 18 2011

Top Story


Kee Marcello will release his biography October 19


ex. EUROPE guitarist Kee Marcello will release his controversial autobiography, "The Rock Star God Forgot", in Sweden on October 19.

Marcello just made headlines in the biggest Swedish newspaper with a painfully honest interview about the memoir, which is said to be "the first sex, drugs and rock and roll book ever written by a Swede."

"The Rock Star God Forgot" is scheduled for release in the rest of the world in English during 2012.

On October 21, Marcello will release an album, "Redux: Europe", featuring several new tracks alongside modern, heavier-sounding re-recordings of hits from Marcello's previous bands EUROPE and EASY ACTION. Also scheduled for release on the same date are remastered and repackaged versions of Kee's two earlier albums, "Redux: Shine On" and "Redux: Melon Demon Divine".

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